Herons and family at Antonelli Pond

Just a quick post of a recent visit to Antonelli Pond with Katherine and the dogs.

Pacific-slope Flycatcher arrives on the West Coast to breed
Anna’s Hummingbird preening
Green Heron and reflection
Green Heron in flight
Black-crowned Night Heron. On the opposite end of the pond, we’d see a brown and streaky juvenile land across the pond from us.
Great Blue Heron. It was hanging around with Mallards.
Great Blue Heron. Another angle found it preening.
Great Egret, in the same Order (Pelecaniformes) and Family (Ardeidae) as the Great Blue Heron. Photo taken by Katherine
Great Egret taking flight. Katherine was gone so long with my camera, I didn’t know what she was doing. I was glad she took her time!
Great Egret in flight. Photo by Katherine
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