How a Red-tailed Hawk Spends Its Mornings…

Seen this morning with Katherine and Sam…

Katherine’s eagle (or, hawk!) eye spotted a Red-tailed Hawk flying up from the field we were walking along. I followed the hawk to a light pole where it preened briefly before flying down into the field again. I hurried back over, hoping that it had caught something and that I’d get a photo.

I saw the hawk spread its wings in a very confident manner…

The hawk took its breakfast to a nearby wall to enjoy it in peace. I followed to get shots of it eating. (Hmm, what does that say about me?)

I wasn’t the only one who noticed the hawk …an American Crow landed on the wall near the hawk. Casually, the crow edged ever closer to the hawk and its breakfast.

“Hey, buddy? What happened to your neck??”

“I’m molting. Mind your own business.”

“Nobody talks to me like that! Get outa here!”

“I’m a crow. We do want we want, go where we want.”

“Is that so?”


“And as for you, camera lady…!”

That hawk flew about ten feet (maybe less!) directly over my head! Yikes. I left it preening back on its original light pole.

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