Marin County Trip

A couple of weeks ago, Katherine and I took a brief camping trip to Marin County. This trip was mostly unplanned with both of us willing to drive until one of us says, “Hey, that looks interesting…” and we stop.

(Sometimes, though — as in the case with the Turkey Vultures — we say, “Stop!! Wait!! Turn around!!”)

So we meandered around Point Reyes and then Bolinas Lagoon, stopping whenever we felt the urge and returning at night to camp in Samuel P. Taylor State Park.

A high point In Bolinas, was seeing a Bald Eagle flying over Bolinas Lagoon. Katherine stopped a man wearing binoculars to ask where Bald Eagles might nest in the area. The very helpful and knowledgeable gentleman turned out to be artist and bird illustrator, Keith Hansen, who lives in Bolinas. He spent several minutes with us helping with our bird identification (particularly with swallows). He invited us to his gallery (in the Bolinas Museum) later that afternoon; at the moment he was off to see a Great Horned Owl. Had we more time, we would have gladly taken him up on the invitation

So, in no particular order other than the order in which the photos were taken are some of the many different birds (and harbor seals!) we saw during our three days in Marin.

It was a fun trip but we feel like there was still more to explore!

Next time!

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April 6, 2022 9:55 pm

I love seeing the seal mom and pup. So much cuteness.

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