Not for the Faint of Heart

This photo is from my “archives,” that is, photos that I took before the start of this blog or photos that I didn’t immediately post. This photo was taken on April 14, 2019.

Katherine and I were walking along the railroad tracks in Santa Cruz. (If you walk far enough, I think you can make it to Davenport, but we’ve never walked that far.)

On the way back (and so often the interesting birds are seen on the way back to the car), Katherine spotted this Red-tailed Hawk on the ground.

“He’s got something!”

That “something” turned out to be a (poor) dead Mallard.

In my efforts to get closer, I drove the Red-tailed Hawk to fly away…more than once. He ended up perched on this fence post with his prey.

Katherine had to finally say something. “Come back here! Let’s let him finish his meal in peace.”

Oh, yeah, it’s not always about the photo. Ethical wildlife photographers don’t disturb their subjects.

Red-tailed Hawk on Post with Mallard. Panasonic DC-FZ80, handheld, 1/250 sec., f/5.7, ISO 80. Santa Cruz County, California.
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