A Nesting Site Revisited

Again. And again. And again.

Two years ago, Katherine and I were walking in Natural Bridges State Beach with our friend, Carmel. We were walking on the Monarch Butterfly walkway.

“I want to show you something cool,” said Carmel.

Carmel led us to a tree about ten feet away from the walkway, and pointed to a heart-shaped hole in the trunk. “I’ve seen birds nesting in there.”


As far as we could tell that day, though, no one was currently using the hole as a nest. We watched it for a while but didn’t see any activity.

The next time I was on that walkway, I made sure to check that nesting site. It became a habit to observe it for a few minutes to see if there was any activity.

On the morning of June 5, 2019, I saw a small bird sitting on a nearby branch with food in its beak. (I would later identify the bird as a Chestnut-backed Chickadee.)

As I watched, the bird flew into the hole in the tree. “Just like Carmel said,” I thought.

I took some pictures as the bird flew in and out of the hole with food.

Now, every time I’m on that walkway, I check that nesting site. I’ve never seen any activity since that chickadee nested there.

Until today.

(Well, not “today” since this post will not be published immediately.)


I paused and looked at the nesting site. Was it my imagination or was there something in the hole? I focused my camera on it and took a picture. I couldn’t identify anything but as I watched, I was certain that I saw movement.

I took some more pictures, hoping that when I downloaded them I’d be able to see something.

And I could!

And it wasn’t a bird!

Tree frog in Eucalyptus tree.
Tree Frog looks out from his home.

A Tree Frog!

How cool was that?

So now when I check out that nesting site, I’ll be looking for birds and frogs.

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