A Visit to Provincetown

Katherine and I visited Provincetown recently. It was our third visit to this lovely town at the end of Cape Cod.

Every morning, Katherine was up and out the door, ready to greet the sunrise. Some mornings, I joined her.

Sunrise over the bay
Random woman and horse taking advantage of the low tide
Umbrellas in the morning sun

In the past, when we visit Provincetown, we’d breakfast with Katherine’s uncles (who generously opened their home to us), then spend all day exploring the town and the cape, returning in time for dinner. During this visit, however, we generally spent the mornings after breakfast at the house. We were excited to find something to do that didn’t stress my foot! 🤣

When lunchtime rolled around, we’d stroll (which is my fastest speed right now) down busy Commercial Street, looking at the people, exploring the shops, bemoaning the demise of Provincetown Books (now a marijuana dispensary 😔), visiting the Provincetown Art Association and Museum and eating lunch. You know, typical tourist stuff.

Being a tourist on Commercial Street

Back at the house, I didn’t need to walk far, however, to find some “bird action.” The neighborhood where we stayed had many beautiful gardens — attracting insects which attracted birds.

Our one “big” adventure was a walk along the Provincetown Causeway, a mile-long path across the bay created from large, flat chunks of granite. The causeway is a fun shortcut to Long Point, the farthest tip of Cape Cod. I was able to walk the length of the causeway and cautiously explore along the beach toward Long Point for a bit before heading back. My foot felt okay-ish and I didn’t want to push it.

Despite my limitations, Katherine and I had another wonderful visit to Provincetown!

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