Bald Eagles at Finnon Recreation Area

Katherine and I have just returned from a camping trip with our friends (Shannon, Lisa and Sarah) to Finnon Recreation Area. What a delightful, sweet campground!

Located near Placerville, Finnon Recreation Area is owned and operated by the Mosquito Volunteer Fire Association. Shannon picked it out because it allows dogs, has water for swimming and, most importantly, Bald Eagles are nesting here!

Okay. “Most importantly” was probably just for me. Well, that and Sam and Sasha being allowed to come.

Because I am still getting over plantar fasciitis, I set up a tripod and camera at our campsite across the reservoir from the eagles’ nest. Katherine walked around the reservoir and got some awesome shots of the two juvenile Bald Eagles who have yet to fledge as well as other cool shots.

Below are some of the shots I shot of the Bald Eagle nest from my “post.”

Parent arriving with fish
Second parent arriving with another fish
Under the watchful eye of a parent and the envious eye of a sibling, a juvenile Bald Eagle catches some air as it practices jumping and flapping in preparation for fledging.
Juvenile Bald Eagle jumps and flaps, strengthening its wings for fledging

The next few shots are ones Katherine took on her walk around the reservoir.

Juvenile Bald Eagles in the nest. Photo taken by Katherine
Juvenile Bald Eagle strengthening its wings for fledging. Photo courtesy of Katherine
Juvenile Bald Eagle in its nest. Photo by Katherine.

In addition to the eagles, Finnon Reservoir offered fun opportunities to cool off from the heat.

Dragonflies, skimmers and damselflies were flitting about…trying to avoid the beaks of the American Coots who swam about in the reservoir. Most of the coots dove to the bottom to retrieve an algae-like substance to eat but one missed a skimmer by thiiiiiis much as I watched.

In one of the trees shading our site we saw Acorn Woodpeckers…

Other birds and animals were found as well…

Special thanks go to Shannon for selecting such a great campsite. We all had a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to returning when I am more mobile.

Oh, and let’s give a “shout out” to Frank’s Diner where we had lunch on our last day. When we travel, Katherine and I love to support local small business and Frank’s was worth the stop. My Reuben sandwich (hold the 1000 Island!) was delicious. Their burgers come with four cheeses (though some in our party thought American doesn’t actually qualify and Frank was willing to leave it off) and their fries are incredible! Frank’s Diner website has a page devoted to the eagles of Finnon Lake (though I think it’s a reservoir?)…beautiful pictures.

Finnon Recreation Area is well worth another visit.

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June 18, 2022 9:04 pm

Wow. Great pics. Love

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